36th in NSW

We were ranked 36th out of 669 schools in NSW for the 2014 HSC as seen on The Sydney Morning Herald & Better Education website


At Clement our students discover the joy of learning the sheer fun of exploring the depth of knowledge in every subject, and celebrate each step towards achievement

A good school

doesn’t just happen,

we make it happen

The Clement’s Way

A teacher’s attitude to his or her students’ difficulties will determine how successfully the students meet and overcome many of the obstacles and hurdles they encounter to performing their best in the HSC. At Clement our teachers help our students’ to leapfrog their difficulties the following way:


Frame the problem as a challenge


Discipline them to perfect the art of solving the challenge


Show confidence they succeed


Celebrate their success

Enrolment for 2014 & 2015 Now Open

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Time Management At School

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Students Discussing World Issues

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